Rock n' Roll Music in Seattle Washington

New album Optimist Apocalypse out now!


Check out our first album “All My Love” out now on all platforms.

Praise for “All My Love”:

Band Bio:

Sundog has set the world on a path to sure destruction. Guided by the words of sage scrolls unearthed in the tomb of a forgotten Egyptian pharaoh, they have performed a forbidden ritual to open a celestial portal beaming pure rock and roll power from a distant black hole straight to their studio in Seattle’s industrial district. This power is channeled through thunderous drums, bombastic bass, raucous keys, and roaring guitar that come together to create the boogie-woogie dynamism of Sundog’s rock and roll sound. 

 Danny Francoeur is Sundog’s lead voice manipulator and conduit of raw fuzz guitar force.  Powering the rhythm section from the helm of his drum kit is Ben Phelps, with bass duty covered by groovemaster Brandt Scanlan. 88 keys of fury are brought to bear by David Marowitz.   

A guitar teacher by day, Francoeur was classically trained in techniques of musical expression in the sun-soaked hills of Los Angeles County. Danny and Brandt started making music together in the dorms at the University of Washington.  Finding David the festival aficionado and Ben the rhythm junky really got things moving.  Sundog has played all over the greater Seattle area in just about every club, dive and ditch you can find.  Also making multiple appearances at the legendary Capitol Hill Block Party.

Their upcoming second album “Optimist Apocalypse” is coming out this spring.  It’s played live and raw, the way rock is supposed to be. It’s full of the type of well thought out grooves that make your booty shake and your loins ache.  They are a sonic orgasm, a soul funk R&B pleasure explosion.

Sundog’s music combines the brash swagger of the Rolling Stones, the boundless energy of Jack White, and the laser precision of Led Zeppelin’s most lucid moments. They’ll lure you in with their sweet hooks and booty-shaking grooves before pulverizing your grey matter with crackling riffs of unspeakable origin. 

Bow before the power of rock n roll

Hail Satan, Cthulhu, Robert Johnson, Chris Gaines, and Buddha 

Peace, Love and Rock n’ Roll